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Community-led approach reducing rheumatic fever

A community-based research project in the Northern Territory is providing …read more  »

Frankie Theunissen and Prof Anthony Akkari at Perron Institute
Motor neurone disease genetic marker discovery

A genetic variant linked to the most common form of …read more  »

Undercovering link between cardiovascular disease and sleep apnoea

Kolling Institute researchers have launched a first of its kind …read more  »

Changing the way we treat skin cancer

A multi-institutional research project to better understand and treat squamous …read more  »

Protecting children receiving chemotherapy from hearing loss

A novel nano-gel therapy to protect children receiving chemotherapy from …read more  »

Blood test measures healthy aging in humans

SAHMRI researchers are the first in the world to develop …read more  »

Predicting relapse in children with cancer

Research at Children’s Cancer Institute has already led to a …read more  »

Chance meeting leads to research breakthrough

When WEHI clinician-researcher Dr Charlotte Slade met Cynthia Agius, neither …read more  »

Pioneering endocrine hypertension research to be fast-tracked into hospitals

After identifying Primary Aldosteronism (PA) as a significant cause of …read more  »

Fathers’ food choices during pregnancy influence future health of babies

What fathers eat during their partner’s pregnancy has a lasting …read more  »

Headshot of Associate Professor Michael Gantier
Combating gene targeting challenges

A Hudson Institute researcher has identified problems and potential solutions …read more  »

Snoring treatment is found to sharpen memory and focus

Research by the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has found …read more  »

Australian first gene therapy for childhood blindness

Two Sydney siblings have become the first patients in the …read more  »

Melbourne invention brings new hope for rheumatoid arthritis

A new nerve treatment invented by Melbourne researchers at the …read more  »

Stem cell-derived organs help better understand and treat disease

MCRI researchers are using cutting-edge stem cell techniques to help …read more  »

Vitamin B3’s promise in slowing glaucoma progress

CERA researchers are set to embark on a follow-up study …read more  »

Growing and sharing the virus that changed the world

At the helm of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, researchers …read more  »

Giant step taken towards preventing pre-term birth

South Australian babies can look forward to an even better …read more  »

30 years of studying and treating a deadly bacterium

Thirty years ago, over 30 per cent of melioidosis patients …read more  »

Djaalinj Waakinj leads to better hearing – and happier kids

More than 150 children are currently enrolled in an innovative …read more  »

Raising dementia awareness in multicultural communities

The Moving Pictures initiative, from the National Ageing Research Institute …read more  »

Improving pain relief for patients with advanced cancers

A trans-national clinical trial, involving Peter Mac patients, has found …read more  »

Team effort drives stomach cancer discoveries

Understanding how stomach cancer develops and progresses to invasive stages …read more  »

Third drug for Duchenne achieves US FDA accelerated approval

A third treatment developed by a Western Australian research team …read more  »

Access to testing and treatment in prisons is crucial to hep C elimination

Broad access to hepatitis C testing and direct-acting antiviral treatment …read more  »

Hunt for facial deformity gene ends after 20-year search

A new disease gene discovery began with a Perth PhD …read more  »

Ground breaking world-first trial offers new hope to stroke sufferers

Some of the country's top stroke experts are leading a …read more  »

Start-up launches new laser tech to prevent heart attacks

A Baker Institute spin-off company, NIRTEK, has been established to …read more  »

Looking towards better patient outcomes in schizophrenia

Researchers at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute are …read more  »

NatureBank – facilitating natural product drug discovery from Australian flora and fauna

NatureBank is a unique biodiscovery platform derived from nature based …read more  »

Researchers ID new cells involved in detecting & initiating HIV immune response

For the first time, WIMR researchers identified two subtypes of …read more  »

Beyond Insulin

Insulin was first discovered 100 years ago, and 2022 marks …read more  »

Gut microbiome link to deadly lung disease

Medical research shows a link between COPD and the gut …read more  »

An experimental drug for sepsis now in human clinical trials

A new experimental drug to treat sepsis has now entered …read more  »

Designed to save millions of lives – the world’s first affordable dialysis system

Based on research from The George Institute for Global Health, …read more  »

Melbourne neuroscientists pioneer new approaches to Parkinson’s disease

A dedicated team of scientists at the Florey including Professor …read more  »