Coronavirus disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) has caused havoc around the world. Millions of people have been infected and sadly, many have died. Governments throughout the world have contributed millions of dollars to fund research into COVID-19.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Scientists, clinicians and other researchers are:

  • working to develop effective and new vaccines
  • developing new treatments and technologies to manage people who have been infected
  • using genomics to track the virus to determine how it was transmitted
  • developing diagnostic tests to quickly and accurately confirm infection
  • investigating the way the virus affects the immune system
  • targeting specific groups with appropriate messaging about COVID-19 and how they can protect their communities
  • putting in place strategies and protocols to prepare the health system for COVID-19 and future pandemics
  • preparing how to respond and evaluating the response to COVID-19 and future infectious disease outbreaks
  • putting in place methods to share and analyse research data with a range of stakeholders.

Image caption: Associate Professor Stuart Turville and Dr Alberto Ospina Stella in the Kirby Institute’s PC3 containment laboratory, examining the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the microscope, with the image portrayed on the computer screen.

Image credit: Richard Freeman UNSW, Kirby Institute

The institutes listed below are currently researching COVID-19, and more information about their discoveries can be found by visiting their websites.
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