Robinson Research Institute

The Robinson Research Institute at The University of Adelaide is comprehensively addressing how to give all children a healthy start in life. Their 45+ research teams are uncovering how events and circumstances before birth and during early life impact an individual’s healthy development, their susceptibility to disease and their resistance to adversity. With these discoveries, they are developing effective interventions to protect children and improve their health prospects throughout life.

What makes them unique?

Early life research often concentrates on conception onwards. As the preconception period is critical for a healthy pregnancy and establishing the health trajectory of the developing fetus, we also consider the health, environment and social circumstances of prospective parents. In both parents, this period prior to pregnancy plays a critical role in fertility, establishing a healthy pregnancy and childhood development.

Principle research areas

  • Fertility and Conception
  • Pregnancy and Birth
  • Early Origins of Health
  • Child and Adolescent Health

Image caption: The Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide in South Australia is researching reproductive and early life origins of health and disease.

Image credit: Unsplash

Research Areas

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